SOLUTIONS - Offshore Monitoring

Watch Over Offshore Structures

Extreme storms, strong undersea currents, potential collisions and even normal wear and tear are all cause for concern for those who operate offshore structures. When you factor in their remote locations, even knowing if they are in place and functioning can be a challenge. SENSR solutions enable you to keep an eye on oil platforms, unmanned stations, underwater turbines and more. 

Survey Structural Health

Today’s inspections will be out of date tomorrow. With continuous structural health monitoring solutions, you can catch signs of undesirable behavior and potential failures in structures at the earliest possible stages – often well before inspectors. With early detection, you can make informed decisions about the best course of action to take to minimize complications and prevent progressive failures.

Receive Alerts for Significant Events

Extreme weather events, as well as impacts from vessels, ice or other debris can play a dramatic role in the stability and performance of your offshore structures. SENSR continuously monitors your infrastructure and provides instant alerts when impacts or other critical events occur. Those notifications enable you to deploy crews to assess the potential damage and fix any problems in the most cost-effective way possible.

Assess Levelness

Storm damage or machinery vibrations often have an effect on platform levelness. When your platform becomes misaligned, it poses a significant safety risk and can negatively impact the performance of onboard equipment. SENSR provides an easy way to know exactly when your rig is out of spec so you can make adjustment accordingly.

Offshore Structure Monitoring


Get real-time remote monitoring and instant alerts with SENSRnet.

Dynamically measure 16 unique responses with the CX1 Structural Response Monitor.