SOLUTIONS - Material Transfer Monitoring

Know When Materials Stop Moving

Industrial conveyor systems and piping require pinpoint alignment for reliable long-term operations. When even a single piece of the complex puzzle is out of place, the whole system can stop functioning. Easily portable and cost-effective SENSR solutions can help you avoid downtime by helping you predict machine failures before they occur so you can deploy preventative maintenance or emergency repair crews efficiently and effectively.

Ensure Alignment

SENSR solutions mounted on bents or trusses can continuously monitor your conveyor systems for proper alignment. You’ll be able to identify when alignment issues begin to occur long before the naked eye, allowing you to take action before it shuts you down.

Monitor Vibration

Over time, vibration from your conveyor systems can wreak havoc on drive systems and other components. Vibration monitoring with SENSR gives you the ability to predict drive failures before they become catastrophic and could cause collateral damage.

Ensure Stability

To operate efficiently, conveyor systems need solid, reliable footing – something that’s hard to come by at mining sites. Strategically placed sensors can monitor your conveyor supports for signs of settlement that can cause misalignment and shut down your operation. 

Receive Alerts for Significant Events

Extreme weather, impacts from heavy machinery and other unpredictable events can shut you down in an instant. SENSR continuously monitors your conveyor and provides instant alerts when impacts or other critical events occur. Those notifications enable you to can deploy crews to assess the potential damage and fix any problems in the most cost-effective way possible.

Material Transfer Monitoring


Get real-time remote monitoring and instant alerts with SENSRnet.

Dynamically measure 16 unique responses with the CX1 Structural Response Monitor.