CASE STUDY - Burj Khalifa


Monitoring The World’s Tallest Manmade Structure

Standing over 2,700 feet tall, the Burj Khalifa towers over downtown Dubai … and just about everything else. Building and maintaining a structure like no other required a monitoring solution like none other. 

The Challenge

Designing and constructing the Burj Khalifa pushed modern engineering to its limits. Computer modeling was used to predict the structural properties throughout every building phase, but computer modeling requires real-world data to ensure its accuracy. 

The Solution

To match existing systems, CPP (the building’s System Architect and Engineer) was relying on traditional accelerometers and data acquisition systems. That meant up to eight separate components and their cable management had to be mounted in tight spaces. Instead, they turned to the SENSR CX1 structural response monitor that combines three accelerometers, two inclinometers and one temperature sensor into a single versatile box with a single Ethernet cable out.

The Result

Despite being deployed in an area with high, dusty winds and scorching hot temperatures, CX1 sensors mounted throughout the building enabled CPP to ensure the safe construction of the world’s tallest building. Those same CX1 sensor will continue to monitor the building to ensure its safe operation in a demanding environment.