SOLUTIONS - Building Monitoring
Create Confidence in the Safety of Your Building

Even the finest craftsmanship and materials are no match for unstable foundations or catastrophic events. By continuously monitoring every vibration, shock, or change in position, SENSR technology provides the knowledge you need to maintain the security and longevity of your building.

Ensure the Stability of Your Foundation

Safe, long-lasting buildings require stable support soil conditions. Measuring how a structure responds to loads early in its life allows engineers to accurately evaluate the efficiencies of their designs, refine their level of understanding and make informed decisions on the fly. Our easy-to-install monitoring system continuously measures whether floors, walls and columns are being affected by subsidence or settlement.

Guard Buildings Near Construction Zones

Demolition, excavation, drilling and other construction activities can cause damage to neighboring structures. Contractors who work in tandem with SENSR can carefully keep an eye on and manage how their building projects are impacting nearby buildings and occupants.

Receive Alerts for Significant Events

Seismic activity, winds, fires, flooding and other unpredictable events can play a dramatic role in the safety and stability of your structure and affect its overall lifespan. SENSR continuously monitors your structure and provides instant alerts when critical events occur so you can deploy crews to assess the potential damage and repair any problems in the most cost-effective way possible.  


How did engineers monitor the world's tallest manmade structure to ensure safety during construction? They turned to SENSR's CX1 Structural Response Monitor.
Read the Burj Khalifa case study.

Building Monitoring


Get real-time remote monitoring and instant alerts with SENSRnet.

Dynamically measure 16 unique responses with the CX1 Structural Response Monitor.