A Comprehensive Remote Monitoring Suite

SENSRnet, our comprehensive structure monitoring solution, enables you to keep an eye on critical structures anywhere in the world. 

SENSRnet relays data in real-time to an online portal for easy monitoring from an Web-based portal. It can even provide instant text message or email alerts when potentially catastrophic events like vehicle impacts happen so you can assess any damage swiftly and make informed decisions about the safety of your structure.  

SENSRnet solutions rely on just a handful of CX1 Structural Response Monitors that pack robust capabilities into a highly portable package. By minimizing the number of sensors needed, and allowing you to conveniently move sensors from structure to structure, SENSRnet often provides a significant cost savings versus competing products.  

Measuring 16 different structuring responses, SENSRnet is well suited to a variety of applications:

  • Measuring the effects of nearby construction
  • Remote monitoring of platforms, towers and other structures
  • Collision and impact detection
  • Monitoring the effects of scour and settlement in bridges
  • Analyzing the performance of buildings and superstructures
Our engineers can work with you to design a SENSRnet solution that’s right for your specific structure. It preconfigured and ready to begin monitoring the moment your crews install it.