PRODUCTS - CX1 Structural Response Monitor  

Six Sensors Combine for Comprehensive Monitoring

The highly powerful yet portable CX1 Structural Response Monitor combines three accelerometers, two inclinometers and one temperature sensor into one versatile device. Together, they can measure 16 unique dynamic responses that can affect the safety and stability of your structure. Whether you need to measure the sway of a building, a vehicle impact, the vibration caused by construction, or the angle of a bridge pier during a flood, CX1 is your cost-effective answer. 

Setting up and using a CX1 is simple. It’s suitable for both indoor and outdoor environments and installs onto your structure with standard hardware. Once installed, you can connect the CX1 to a computer via USB connection or through new or existing Ethernet networks for data collection. Our robust software suite allows you to customize your analysis to suit your specific monitoring needs. When you need to monitor another structure or alter your monitoring on the current one, your crews can easily uninstall and move each CX1 quickly and efficiently. 

For remote structures, multiple CX1 devices can be networked together to form a SENSRnet solution that provides monitoring and analysis through a web portal, as well as email and text alerts when critical impacts occur.


CX1 Mounting Bracket Mounting Brackets
Precision machined, thick-walled aluminum brackets.

Angle bracket for mounting to a vertical surface.
$159.30 USD

Flat bracket for mounting to a horizontal surface.
$114.03 USD

Extended Length Cable

Extended Length Cables
Extended length CX1 Ethernet cables. Outdoor rated, resin-filled cable with IP67 CX1 connector and RJ45.
Available in the following lengths:

Product Specifications
Size 4.72" x 4.32" x 2.29"
Weight 20 oz.
Communication Ethernet, USB
Power Source Ethernet, USB
Operating Temp Range -40°F to +176°F
Ingress Protection IP67
Accelerometers 3-axis, MEMS
Measurement Range ± 1.5g
Resolution .00005g
Frequency Response DC -200Hz
Sample Rate 2000 sps
Inclinometers 2-axis, MEMS
Measurement Range ± 15°
Resolution .00005°
Sample Rate 10 sps