ABOUT - Testimonials
"We have used the CX1 on a dozen structures in the past, and it has been a dependable solution. The CX1 was in place through the demolition process and maintained its ability to generate data. Without the data we were able to obtain, many of the issues we uncovered might not have been as clearly understood during the early stages of analysis. We couldn't be more pleased with this low cost and extremely robust piece of equipment."
Ted Zoli, Technical Director of HNTB

"The SENSRnet is an incredible system that measures details the human eye just can't see happening. Further, it gives us insight as to how the pier is reacting to railway live loads, high water and construction. This is something that has never been done before that I know of. This third-generation system has been able to detect pier reactions, both accelerations and inclinations, which normal survey equipment cannot detect."
Don Lonzano, Assistant Director of Structural Design at BNSF

"CX1s make it easy for my class and I to know how structures are responding."
Dr. John Nichols, Department of Construction Sciences - Texas A&M