ABOUT- Senior Management

Walter Bleser, President

Walter Bleser - President

Walt Bleser was appointed President of SENSR Monitoring Technologies, LLC in May 2015. Prior to this assignment he served as the Director of Railway Asset Management for Georgetown Rail Equipment Company (GREX), working with railroads and transit agencies nationwide to integrate tie, ballast, and bridge management practices. Previously a movable bridge project manager, Walt has more than 10 years of railroad bridge inspection, rating, design, and construction management experience. Walt is an active participant in AREMA, currently serving as the vice chairman of Committee 7 and as a subcommittee chairman of Committee 10, aiding in the production of the organization’s Bridge Management Best Practices.

In addition to railway asset and bridge management, Walt has experience with the implementation of structural health monitoring systems for bridges, movable bridge feasibility studies, inspection, design, and ratings for Class I railroads, as well as short line/regional railroads. His experience and passion for the industry recently enabled him to help create and lead the implementation of RailAdvise®, a railroad-based asset management software.

Les Davis - Chief Technology Officer

Leslie Davis - Chief Technology Officer

Leslie Davis is the Chief Technology Officer of SENSR Monitoring Technologies, LLC.  Prior to this assignment he served as Vice President of Product Development for SENSR, LLC.  Mr. Davis has more than 20 years of product development experience ranging from Hi-Rel military/aerospace systems to high volume consumer products. Over the past two decades Mr. Davis has been responsible for identifying and translating market needs into tangible products, overseeing every aspect of the design cycle from early concept through volume production, with continued lifecycle management and customer support.

While coming from a background in electrical engineering, Mr. Davis’s skillset as a product developer extends with a high degree of proficiency into related branches of engineering: software, systems, mechanical and manufacturing, as well as experience with regulatory compliance, intellectual property, vendor selection and qualification, product support, budgeting, and project management. This broad cross-disciplinary skillset allows him to select the most effective technology strategy to fulfill a particular market need.  Mr. Davis has extensive experience with both domestic and overseas manufacturing.  Mr. Davis has also been awarded several patents related to his product development activities.